In this newest release, Sift Heads World Act 9 you will again meet Vinnie, Kiro and Shorty, all specialists at both long and close range assassination, each masters within their own field.

Sift Heads World Act 9

As a veteran player you might start wondering when the enemies will understand that Vinnie's crew is unbeatable, and the answer is probably never! In this ninth release of the Sift Heads World you will be given even harder quests and missions than in any of the previous games, to test your marksmanship and assassination skills. As there are several different types of assassinations in Sift Heads World Act 9, you will most likely find a style that fits you correctly, whether it's sniping or machine gunning in close range. The game is a perfect mix between adventure, action and puzzle game where you have to eliminate several targets without leaving any trace after you. In order to do so you need a strategy and patience to complete the elimination.

The graphical elements, as well as animations, music and sound effects are mixed perfectly to create a good atmosphere for this kind of game. The graphics are just as they've been throughout the whole series; stickmen inspired creatures as well as mostly black and white colors. In order to continue playing Sift Heads World Act 9 at some other time, or if you want to check your game stats, history and play time you should most likely register a free profile. If you do so you can use the same profile throughout all the episodes in the series, and you will see detailed information regarding your previous game play.